Care Sheets

Part of the mission of the WNY Herpetological Society is to promote proper care of captive reptiles and amphibians, and to educate the public with the best possible information on how to maintain their pets.

The WNYHS library of herp care sheets give instructions for the basic care of the species listed. Please click on the links below, or on the dropdown tabs in the main menu, to access the list of available care sheets.

Please note, laws regarding which herp species may be kept vary from state to state. Inclusion of a species in the care sheet library does not imply that ownership of that species is legal in all states. It is the herp keeper’s responsibility to ensure that their animals meet all local, state and federal requirements.

If you find any data that you believe should be updated or corrected, please let us know using the Contact Us form on the side of the page. We appreciate your assistance in keeping the care sheets up to date!

Suggestions for additions to the care sheet library may also be made with the Contact Us form.

These care sheets are provided freely and may be distributed by anyone to the public in their original unaltered form for the purpose of educating others. You may link to these pages online, but we retain copyright and therefore request that you refrain from republishing our care sheet information on other websites.




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