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March 2017


The WNY Herp Society (Reptile Club) invites you to join us this month as we decide the 2017 recipient of our Marv Aures/Bob Krantz Herpetological Research Grant.

The Aures/Krantz Grant is awarded annually for research in one of the following categories: New York State Herpetology; Student Research in Herpetology; Reptile and Amphibian Conservation; Reptile and Amphibian Captive Management, Husbandry, and Propagation; and Herpetology Education. The Marv Aures/Bob Krantz Herpetological Research Grant is given in honor and memory of two of the founding members of the Western New York Herpetological Society. Marv and Bob were passionate about improving captive herp husbandry and conserving herps in the wild through scientific research. Current members of the Society continue to further these endeavors with their membership dues, and by hosting the WNYHS Reptile Show.
WNY Herp Society meetings are free, and open to the public, and families with children are encouraged to attend. Please feel welcome to stay after the conclusion of the presentation to visit with fellow reptile and amphibian enthusiasts.

As well as the club and board deciding the winner of The Marv Aures/Bob Krantz Herpetological Research Grant we will be opening the doors for the first time to vendors! This will allow from now on at the monthly meetings, for members of the society, to sell reptile related merchandise, healthy animals within NYS guidelines, and other products in relation to herpetology. Vending spots will be decided based on a first come first serve basis. Vendors are welcome and encouraged to arrive and begin set up at 6:25 PM. Vendors are welcome to sell prior to meeting , but are requested to cease sales during the monthly designated presentation, than can once again begin sales until the end of the meeting.

We hope that you’ll spend this Thursday evening with us, enjoying the company of fellow herpetology lovers! 

Visitors are encouraged to bring their herp pets with them to show off and share with an admiring audience! If you do plan to bring a herp pet, please be sure to read the guidelines for safely bringing reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates to the meeting