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September 2016

The topic for the WNY Herp Society’s September meeting will be using field marks and field guides to identify flora and fauna, with an emphasis on herp identification. This will be a follow-up to our outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt, held at the August meeting.

Most of us can recognize common local plants and animals on sight, but do you know how to use field marks to identify an unknown species? A nature hike can become a fun detective investigation with just a few tools and skills!

Join us to learn how to use resources such as field guides, range maps, call recordings, cellphone apps and internet databases to discover the identity of the living and non-living things we find in our environment.

Find out how you can become a citizen scientist, and use your new skills to contribute valuable species distribution data to researchers and conservationists.

If you attended the August meeting, please bring your completed Nature Scavenger Hunt worksheet, notes and collected samples to share, discuss and identify. Everyone is encouraged to bring any field guides or other nature study materials they may have.

As always, meeting attendees are welcome to bring reptile, amphibian and invertebrate pets to show off to an appreciative audience! If you would like to bring an animal, please be sure to read and follow the guidelines found on the Bringing Herps to Events page.

We hope to see you at this fun and informative meeting!