2016 Vendors and Exhibitors

Here is the current list of vendors and exhibitors that will be attending the upcoming WNYHS 2016 Reptile Show and Sale, along with what they will be selling or exhibiting. Many of these vendors have already been featured in profiles that can be found on the Event Page (click above) and the WNY Herp Society page, both on Facebook. We hope to see you at the Show!

JA Serpents – ball pythons, corn snakes, geckos
Blackheart Reptiles – ball pythons, boa constrictor (BCI) morphs, Brazilian rainbow boas, colubrids, roaches, live mice
Henry Cohen – colubrids, leopard geckos
Niagara Aquarium co – live rodents, small amphibians, herp care supplies
Smokin’ Roaches – tarantulas/arachnids, roaches, other invertebrates
Jungletales Exotics – ball pythons, corn snakes, king snakes, live plants, herp care supplies
Laura’s Critter Care, LLC – pet sitting service for herp owners
Lamson’s Live Rats – live rats
Jeff and Ryan Perdziak – wildlife art and photography, superhero art
Total E Chamz – veiled and panther chameleons
Brian Lesch – invertebrates, tarantulas
SYR Rodents – frozen feeder rodents
CSRR Exotics – bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, hognose snakes
Avalon Exotics – dart frogs, finished terrariums, terrarium supplies
HK Geckos – leopard and crested geckos
Axolotl-Life of WNY – axolotls
GeckoMase – various gecko species including leopard geckos, feeder insects
HOPEducation Network – live insect feeders, roach chow, pre-owned supplies

WNY Herp Society (Reptile Club) – reptile petting zoo, herp care education
Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center – native herp conservation and wildlife rehabilitation
The Buffalo Zoo – native herp conservation and education
The SPCA Serving Erie County, NY – native herp rehabilitation
NYSDEC – native herp conservation
HOPEducation Network – tegu, iguana and varanid husbandry education
Spencer’s Animal Encounters – exotic animal and reptile education

Niagara County 4-H Program – outdoor farm animal and rabbit petting zoo
Kids Activities – coloring contest, crafts, face painting
Hawaiian BBQ-Food Truck – food and beverages
Papa’s Pizza – food and beverages