About the Reptile Show


The WNY Herpetological Society hosted its First Annual Reptile Show and Sale in September 2000. The Reptile Show has grown considerably over the years thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, and helps the Society to achieve multiple aims: to educate the public about responsible care of reptile and amphibian pets; to support the endeavors of local hobbyists committed to breeding healthy, high-quality herps; and to connect potential pet owners with reputable local sources for reptiles and amphibians.

The funds raised from the Reptile Show are the primary source of revenue for the WNYHS. These funds support the basic operating expenses of the club, and allow the Society to pursue its goals of educating the community about reptiles and amphibians, raising awareness about herp-related conservation issues locally and around the globe, and funding research in reptile and amphibian studies.

The WNYHS Reptile Show offers something for everyone with an interest in herps. For those just starting out in the hobby, there are vendors selling a wide variety of low maintenance, beginner pets such as corn snakes, ball pythons and crested geckos. Supplies such as terrariums, substrates, and heat and light sources are available from knowledgeable dealers who can explain how to properly house the new pet. The WNYHS provides free care guides and helpful information for many species of animals found at the Reptile Show.

More advanced hobbyists will find an ever-changing selection of animals not commonly found in the local pet trade, from stunning Panther chameleons to sought-after morphs of leopard geckos, ball pythons and boa constrictors, to unusual species of tarantulas. Meeting and talking with other dedicated reptile and amphibian keepers is often a highlight of the show for repeat visitors.

The WNYHS Reptile Show also provides a fun and exciting educational opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about herps, but don’t necessarily desire to own a reptile or amphibian pet themselves. WNYHS volunteers are eager to teach visitors about the importance of herp conservation, both locally and around the world.

Volunteers bring in a variety of their own pets for visitors to meet and touch, offering a unique opportunity to experience animals that many people never see. It’s always a special joy when a lifelong snake “phobic” discovers that these wonderful creatures do not have to be feared, but can be understood, appreciated, and even loved!

Finally, families with children are welcomed at the WNYHS Reptile Show, with fun activities such as coloring contests and crafts provided for kids ages 12 and under.

New vendors are always welcome – we appreciate your contributions to species conservation through captive breeding, and value the diversity of animals that you can offer to our visitors. Specific information for potential vendors, and online vendor applications, are available on the Vendor Information and Application page.

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