Notes for Vendors

The 16th Annual Reptile Show will include new features for 2017 that are designed to increase community interest and attendance, and educate potential herp buyers who are not currently herp owners.

Over the years, we have observed that a portion of Show attendees come only to look at, not to buy, animals. These visitors have expressed an interest in reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, and converting some of them into buyers today will grow the base of the herp-purchasing community in the future.

To capitalize on this opportunity, and as part of its commitment to education, the WNYHS will have volunteers dedicated to teaching Show visitors about all aspects of herp husbandry.

Knowledgeable volunteers will provide demonstrations and information about caring for herps, and also answer husbandry questions. This will help free up the valuable time of vendors, allowing them to concentrate on speaking with buyers, and ideally, give more attendees the confidence they need to actually make a purchase at the Show.

In order for vendors to maximize their potential sales to new herp owners, we suggest that you try to bring a selection of animals with a range of prices. First time buyers might not understand the years of work and generations of breeding that go into producing a unique color morph, and as a result, may not be comfortable purchasing a higher-priced pet.

Having the option to choose an “entry-level” priced animal may encourage them to make the leap from “just looking” to “yes, I’ll take it!”. We all know that owning herps is like eating potato chips, you can’t have just one! Reaching that first sale with a brand new herp buyer will help to build the community of keepers, who will then have the knowledge and desire to possibly seek out more unique, higher-end animals in the future.

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